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Poss Interior Design

Each month I am celebrating one of my favorite locals and why they love Aspen! Here are the top things you need to know about Rachel:

Can you tell us a bit about how you've grown the Interiors team at Poss?

"I have elevated the Poss interiors brand (which started as one team member and is now a team of 9) by empowerimg each designer. We are mindful of how we recruit, curate and use local artisans and fabricators. Storytelling in each one of our designs is really important to all of us. For each client, we strive to understand the client’s vision and then evolve it to the next level of balance, function, and design."

How has our community helped you and your business?

"Sense and close tight-nit Community has helped me and Poss.. to build a great foundation of loyal clientele and a strong, inspiring team of designers. We represent a strong brand, with multiple generations seeking our services to carry on the quality of design that we are known for."

Three favorite things about Aspen?

  • Best of both worlds, small town living with international culture and opportunities
  • Sense of belonging where everybody knows your name
  • Accessibility to walk out the door and venture out into nature

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Ro + Fern

Each month I am celebrating one of my favorite locals and why they love Aspen! Here
are the top things you need to know about Amanda:

What inspired you to create a boutique for babies, littles and tweens in Aspen?

"I have always loved fashion and boutique style retail. A year and a half after having my
daughter Rowan, I re-entered the work force at a small children's boutique in Aspen. I
had found my calling and was given the opportunity to buy the business and make it my
own in 2018. I am inspired every day by my now 7 year old daughter and her cool and
unique sense of style. I love to find brands that are created by Aspen locals, Mom
owned and designed or family run."

You are a true local entrepreneur. How has our community helped you and your

"I would not be in business without the amazing Aspen and Roaring Fork community.
This community has supported me since the day I opened and all through Covid shut
downs. It has been amazing seeing our local families grow over the years and creating
relationships with families that are new to the valley as well."

Three favorite things about Aspen?

"1. The natural beauty everywhere you look and all four seasons.
2. Our eclectic community, coming from all different backgrounds and walks of life.
Everyone in Aspen has a unique story and perspective. I love learning about them and
hearing their stories.
3. I love having a friend on every block. We can't walk down the street without running
into an old or new friend! " 


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Each month we are celebrating one of our favorite locals and why they love Aspen! Here
are the top things you need to know about Caitlin:

Can you tell us how you got started with designing your own jewelry line?

"After taking a metalsmithing class in Florence, Italy and working 3 years for an
established jewelry designer in Jackson Hole I had a notebook full of sketches and so
many ideas. I knew it was time to start making my own designs. With the techniques I
learned through classes and work I was ready to start bringing my ideas to life. This was
about 10 years ago and the rest is history!"

How has Aspen helped you as an entrepreneur?

"Aspen is full of opportunity because we have an outstanding community. Being an
Aspen native and growing up in this community have made a huge impact on my career.
People want to see you succeed and they are always willing to help. The connections I
have made in this town have definitely helped me to succeed and I am forever grateful.
Aspen and it’s beauty have also impacted my jewelry and designs. My Aspen collection,
featuring necklaces of Maroon Bells, Mt Sopris and more, wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t
live in such an amazing place!"

Three favorite things about Aspen?

"My number one favorite thing about Aspen is the outdoors and our gorgeous
surroundings. I am so lucky to be able to spend time in our mountains everyday!"

"The arts and culture in Aspen are another huge reason I live here. It’s small town living
with city culture. The amount of concerts, festivals, galleries and support of the arts is

"The community. It is filled with some of the most inspiring people in the world as well as
some of my favorite friends and family!" 


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Each month we are celebrating one of our favorite locals and why they love Aspen! Here
are the top things you need to know about Kristin:

Can you tell us a bit about how you started your own interior design company?

"My own company was always a dream of mine, and to have a coffee table book. I
stumbled into my own business when the recession in 2008 hit and the home industry
took a dive. I thought somehow I would make the best of this and put myself out there,
and I was able to pick up a few jobs, and the rest is history."

How has Aspen helped you as an entrepreneur?

"Aspen is known for its beautiful homes, and I think it’s a natural fit for a young, driven
designer (which is what I was when I started my business 12 years ago). Aspen has
pushed me to do the best design and always keeps me on my toes with new projects,
new competitors, and new products."

Three favorite things about Aspen?

"The first has to be my family. I feel very blessed to have my parents and in-laws here,
and I can raise my family in Aspen. The following two are cliche, but it’s Aspen. I love the
beauty of mountains, and I find it inspiring both summer and the winter. Of course, I love
to ski, and Ajax will always be my mountain." 


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Each month we are celebrating one of our favorite locals and why they love Aspen! Here
are the top things you need to know about Kelly and Lisa:

Can you tell us a little bit about Good Clean Food?

"We are a plant based, chef prepared, nutritionist approved food delivery company.
Sustainability is of utmost importance to us and our lack of waste, and implementation of
our rotational glass jar system is what sets us apart from others. Also, our dedication to
freshness, and our kick ass food. We are so proud of our connection with our local
community. Making healthy eating easy, supporting vibrant living and providing
sustainable employment."

Where do you see Good Clean Food going in the next few years?

"Looking forward to a summer pop up delivery in Vail this summer, a shippable offering
by this fall, possibly a Good Clean Food Cookbook in 2022...lots in the works!"

What's the most important lesson your business has taught you?

"This is one of the most important lessons, and also one of the hardest to grasp: you
can not succeed without failure. Not every idea we’ve had has been good. Not every
decision we’ve made has been successful. Not every negotiation has gone well for us.
But we’ve learned to accept failure as inevitable, and to approach every situation as a
learning opportunity. When you can welcome failure as a gift, it can catapult you

Three favorite things about Aspen?

"Adventure, community, food!" 


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Each month we are celebrating one of our favorite locals and why they love Aspen! Here
are the top three things you need to know about Gabrielle:

Please tell us a little about Windwalkers and what it does for our community?

"WindWalkers is well defined by its given name: WindWalkers Equine Assisted Learning
and Therapy Center. WindWalkers is where caring professionals and horses aid those
with challenges to grow and thrive. The strength, rhythmic motion, and warmth of our
horses allow our riders with challenges to improve muscle tone, balance, and
coordination while enjoying exercise and learning in a positive, safe, and fun
environment. We have programs for children and adults with learning disabilities, those
suffering with PTSD, with physical, emotional, and developmental disorders. Our horses
and ranch require many professionals, from vets to hay growers and from farriers to
trainers. We have proven to have a positive impact on human health and local ecology."

What is your background and how did you get started with Windwalkers?

"In 2010, I volunteered for WindWalkers while taking some time off from consulting in
New York/LA/DC to the non-profit sector. I remember the first day I met Molly, Beth and a
horse named Pompeii. I groomed him and side-walked a young girl with cerebral palsy. I
was hooked! It was everything I wanted to be doing... working with kids with challenges
and horses. So, here I am 10 years later. Still volunteering, still mucking stalls, and still
side walking in lessons for those with needs. But, somehow in the last 6 years, I have
also taken on the day to day operations, grant writing and co-facilitating a variety of
mental health/wellness programs. They call me the Executive Director, but in all honesty,
I am just one person in a larger BIG HEARTED team of women that give back to the
community we live in. By following our passions, we have gone from leasing a facility
with 7 horses to buying the ranch that now houses 18 horses, 4 goats, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1
mini donkey, and a menagerie of other animals that come to visit!"

Three favorite things about Aspen?

"What’s not to love!! I’ve been coming here since I was 18. I came to ski the snowcapped mountains like most visitors. But, it wasn’t until I spent time here in the summer
that I learned about all Aspen had to offer and its friendly residents. I often said the town
felt like “walking into the Bar at Cheers... where everyone knows your name”! It’s the
perfect place for a city girl like me—- my love for music, the theater, dance, arts…….is
woven into the natural year round setting. And, today, as I call the mountains home, I
have elevated my love for arts, skiing, hiking, biking and teaching wellness and equine
assisted therapies with my partner, the horse into one! If you can dream it ----you can
live it in Aspen."