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Poss Interior Design

Each month I am celebrating one of my favorite locals and why they love Aspen! Here are the top things you need to know about Rachel:

Can you tell us a bit about how you've grown the Interiors team at Poss?

"I have elevated the Poss interiors brand (which started as one team member and is now a team of 9) by empowerimg each designer. We are mindful of how we recruit, curate and use local artisans and fabricators. Storytelling in each one of our designs is really important to all of us. For each client, we strive to understand the client’s vision and then evolve it to the next level of balance, function, and design."

How has our community helped you and your business?

"Sense and close tight-nit Community has helped me and Poss.. to build a great foundation of loyal clientele and a strong, inspiring team of designers. We represent a strong brand, with multiple generations seeking our services to carry on the quality of design that we are known for."

Three favorite things about Aspen?

  • Best of both worlds, small town living with international culture and opportunities
  • Sense of belonging where everybody knows your name
  • Accessibility to walk out the door and venture out into nature